1. Big ups to Carl Arnett for getting on the Eclat farm team.

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  2. CHILL patches up in the store!

    Stick it on your jacket, bag, or straight on your forehead. 

    4$. Dirt cheap, fixes what ails ya. 


  3. Another drop in the blooper series, Carl Arnett goes for a burly ledge ride. Sometimes things don’t work out. At least he didn’t fall off the backside. 

    This is the craziest thing I’ve seen attempted, as well as the scariest crash. Hug the pole to rag doll down the stairs. He was hurting but luckily no limbs got twisted or tweaked the wrong way. Just full body slams down each of the big steps. 

  4. The final & most recent zine, last summer’s self titled Chilling Spree. Plenty of wanderings around North America. Featuring contributions from Chester Jones, Jordan Hango, Randi Oh.

  5. Breaking into the head gear market, I’ve got limited quantities of 5 panel hats mounted with an embroidered CHILL patch. 
    New shirts on top of that
    All up in the store…

  6. Dumpy Spirit 3d

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  8. Chopped and screwed a whole bunch of AA California Fleece sweatshirts with an accent of tiedye. Hoodies and crew necks in the whole gamut of sizes, S-XL. Very limited quantities. Check ‘em out in the Chilling Spree store

  9. 450 Salsbury: Buzzer #2

    Jason Teet, Jordan Hango, Carl Arnett and guest-neighbour Matt Desson get a couple of clips in for this basement suite mixtape. Get your cat claws out.

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  10. Hango gets knocked into a sepia world in this 16mm Ambleside session.

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  11. A couple of 5 clips with the boys

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  12. 5 Clips with Carl Arnett & Friends

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